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About me

How I developed a passion for cooking: I Love food that tastes good.Even though I can never cook for myself, I get overjoyed when I have to cook for other people. I just love it! Their enjoyment of the food I made from scratch makes me light and happy.:)

My favorite things to cook: I love to experiment with chicken. I like making biriyanis and other rice dishes coz they are easy to make and still tastes yummy. And Pasta in white sauce is something I always get enthusiastic about.

How I learned: For any girl it is her mom who is her biggest inspiration. I am no exception. I was more of an occasional cook before marriage. Either I make things for dinner or weekend was mine. I was more of a trial and error learner. I would want no one around me when I cook. I wanted to experiment and never give up even when it turned disastrous. I always used to call either friends or family home for lunch/dinner to experiment with my cooking.
That is how I started to rule over my subjects of the kitchen kingdom….Now, all those lovely spices – mustard, cumin, fennel, dhania, saffron and all the rest started blending to me and turning to such tastes that I order that they turn to, not to forget all thos hot red chilli peppers, black peppers and the aromatic spices of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and bayleaves started swaying to my music of cooking. The fruits, vegetables, wheat and rice sprang to attention whenever I as much as gave a glance at them.

Just my two pennies:

  • Being from the family of chettiars we never want to use any  ingredient that is not fresh. We even make our spice powders from scratch. More fresher the ingredients more perfect is your cooking.
  • Always be in a good mood when you cook. Cook with love. Rest does not matter.
  • Keep tasting
  • Enjoy every morsel of your food. 

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