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Monday, November 28, 2011

Before Mummy Returns, Lets make Rasamalais!

My first journey into the kitchen was three years ago on August 25, 2008. Actually there have been lot of journeys into kitchen to eat, this journey was to cook! Yes COOK you did not read it wrong.
Stop….Stop…where are you all running! I haven’t even started the post and I see you guys running a mile away from me. Don’t worry you guys won’t be asked to taste whatever I do. I have other people in my home to experiment with it. ;)
So I have decided to start this journey on a sweet note. Yes I made Rasamalais. The only favorite sweet I like, coz am not much of a sweet tooth.
How to make Rasamalais...

There is always a chemistry within all the ingredients that go into a dish to make it amazing. While I was making these rasamalai's, I probed a little deeper into this chemistry and got them all out so beautifully done in the end. Without further ado, lets take a look at how I went about the process.
Aim: To try my level best to make Rasamalais in perfect shape and taste (shape and size is important for everything in life *wink*)
Things required:
For the sexy,supple,white things (courtesy : Twisted-DNA): (Our Hero of the story)
1 litre of Milk
1 tsp of Lemon Juice or lemon juice
1 tbsp of all purpose flour
Required Water
Required Sugar
For the cream syrup: (Our Heroine in making)
½ litre of milk
Required quantity of sugar (depends on how sweet you want it to be, or how soon you want to be a sugar patient, so keep it at just the right amount :))
Almonds, Pistachios, Cardamom etc (those flavors decorating themselves beautifully in the whole picture just to add a bit of glamour)
Bring our 1 litre milk hero to boil, then add our Villain- lemon juice or Citric acid to fight with the hero and bring out all his juices, that our milk hero will end up like a mass of Fat. Then take this curds of white of our hero very gently and gag him completely by putting him in a cloth and squeezing all the remaining juices out of him.

Now make this into small balls by adding the all purpose flour. Bring our water to boil, and mix sugar to it. This is the energy drink of our hero who is now resting in small balls. Coz he is now tired after fighting with the Villain and being gagged. When the sugar dissolves add our hero balls, and cook for 15 minutes till our hero balls become puffed up with energy, then take it aside from the water.
Now keep our hero aside. It is Time to turn the attention to our Heroine.
Boil our ½ litre milk, add sugar to it and let it thicken half the quantity. This is because it is a rule that the heroine should be a tiny and dainty little creature, why break that universal rule? Now add some of those sinful pistachios and almonds which is our major glamor quotient. The heroine is ready, didn’t I tell you the heroine’s part is very very less! Even this is a universal rule which I do not want to break *wink*.
Now all that happened has to end well, so add our hero balls to our heroine syrup, and serve it hot to those who are cool, and serve it cold to those who are hot!
Those sexy, supple, little things are floating with the heroine in its own paradise, while the kitchen where all this happened is a complete mess with loads of utensils piled up here and there!
Action plan:
I escaped from said place before Mom the queen of the kitchen arrived at the scene!
Driving people insane as always!

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