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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Uthapams - of all varieties!

Dosa has been one of the all time favorite. And Onion uthapams and podi uthapams were something to fall in love with. Very simply to make, yet so tasty. Here is what I made for dinner.

How to cook Uthapams - of all varieties!...
You need to finely chop onions and garlic.

Pour a batter of the  dough on the dosa tava like uthapam. Lightly pour oil. Sprinkle onions and cumin seeds first. Once the Uthapam turns a little brown, flip it over and let it be on the tava till the onions become a little brown.

In the similar fashion, add garlic instead of onions and make the uthapam for Garlic uthapam. It is very good for digestion says my grandmom.

Along with the onion, you can also sprinkle some idle podi for added taste.

In similar fashion, you can make vegetable uthapam with finely sliced carrots, lettuce and potatoes along with the onion.

I had these along with pachadi

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