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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spinach in Dal/Keerai Masiyal.

I do not have to say, but greens are very good for health. And it is advised to have atleast  one variety of green everyday. But I am not a big fan of leafy vegetables, and would not prefer anything done in spinach except for this one. So Here is what I do, when I am pestered to add spinach to my diet. Make this and have it with rice.

How to cook Spinach in Dal/Keerai Masiyal...
This is what you need:
1 bunch of any spinach. (I chose thandu keerai or molah keerai as they call it)

1 cup of moong dal

A pinch of turmeric powder

A little ghee

1 pod of garlic

4 small onions

3 dry red chillies.

Cumin seeds crushed in the hand.

Salt as required.

This is what you do:

Boil the moong dal in water with turmeric powder and keep it aside.

Finely chop the spinach and wash it twice in water.

Heat a pan, Add the boiled dal, Spinach and all other ingredients except salt.

Let the spinach boil, Never pressure cook greens – coz it may lose its colour.

Once the spinach is boiled and ready, you can lightly squash it with a wooden spatula. I did not do it, coz I did not have one. Doing this blends the spinach nicely with the dal.

Now add salt and bring it down the flame.

Healthy spinach in dal is ready to be served.
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