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Monday, February 16, 2015

Grilled Baby Garlic Potatoes with Cheese sauce

Grilled Baby Garlic potatoes with cheese sauce.
Baby potatoes always make me reach out to them in the store. This time around, I did not want to make the usual roast potatoes in a pan and wanted to try something different. After checking a few recipes, I came up with this Grilled baby garlic potatoes and cheese sauce. It will make a great starter for a lazy evening with your special someone :p

This is what you need for the Potatoes:

10-15 Baby potatoes
4-5 Garlic pods minced
1 Medium sized Onion
2 Tbsp Amul Garlic and herbs butter or normal butter
Microwave safe aluminium foil.

For seasoning:

Olive oil
Chilly flakes
Italian herbs

This is what you do:
  • Scrub the Potatoes clean and boil them for 10 minutes with salt.
  • Wash them in cold water and peel the skin of the potatoes.
  • Cut them in halves. Actually I felt they would be better if they are sliced, will try that next time around.
  • Cut the Onions into cubes.
  • Combine the potatoes, onions and garlic in a bowl.
  • Drizzle some olive oil and add all the seasoning ingredients and mix the well.
  • Now make the aluminium foil into a packet large enough to accommodate the potatoes.
  • Fill the foil packet with the potatoes and seal it well.
  • If you have a preheat microwave grill oven, preheat the grill and grill this foil packet for 20-30 minutes in medium heat or till the potatoes are done. 
  • Turn over the packet in-between the grill time.
  • Poke the packet and let out the steam.
  • Serve with cheese sauce.

For the cheese sauce:

This is what you need:

1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup milk
4 cheese slices

This is what you do:

Heat butter in a pan. Once it melts, add the milk. When the milk boils, add the cheese slices. When the cheese melts, switch off the stove and add pepper. Add salt if required. 

Alternative serving suggestion if you have a sizzler:

Heat the sizzler plate. Once hot add the grilled potatoes and pour the cheese sauce over it. 

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